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Rose enjoying a turkey neck

From the desk of Bette Schubert, Bravo co-founder:

Little Rose has been teething the past few months, and has now lost most of her puppy teeth. Her adult teeth are growing nicely, and throughout this process, I’ve learned (or re-learned) a few things about puppies and teething.

Rose has had plenty of things to chew on – it’s one of the many perks of a mom who works with Bravo Pet Food. Some chews and flavors she likes more than others, and trying to find the right fit has been an interesting process. Matching the size of the chew to the dog AND to the stage of their teething is very important.

Raising a puppy has reminded me not only of the importance of dog health, but of how different each pet is (both in preference and in needs). Rose has already made her favorite chews clear: duck feet, small bully sticks and small trachea chips. She’s also found a few larger bone options that she can’t live without:

  • Turkey necks – We had to branch outside of the Bravo collection for these, but they make for a great chew for little teeth. Puppies eat the meat and do not consume the bone until their adult teeth come in. Rose gets turkey necks when they are slightly frozen, which helps ease any pain she might have from losing teeth. A semi-frozen snack is also a great way to keep a puppy busy and exercise them at the same time.
  • Marrow bones – Firstly, you should always be sure you’re treating your pup with the best sized bone. With marrow bones, I scoop out some of the marrow and replace it with Bravo raw, Homestyle Complete, or other things like yogurt, all-natural peanut butter, or crushed bananas to create a more complete snack. Beef/pork neck bones and knuckle bones are also excellent chews that provide hours of fun for your dog.

As Rose’s adult teeth emerge, I’ve noticed that the chews she was willing to tackle a few weeks ago no longer interest her. I’ve found that if I soak the duck feet, trachea, or small bully stick in water, she’ll eagerly take them, whereas before, she’d go to town on them right out of the package. To adapt to her tastes, I’ve started soaking them overnight – not only does she love this, but it makes the chews last longer.

Even just a little research will tell you that turkey necks, duck necks and chicken necks are nature’s toothbrushes. Looking at Rose’s happy puppy smile, I can definitely see why!

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