Choosing the right bone or chew for your pet.

An all-natural bone or chew can be a source of daily enjoyment that provides benefits to both you and your pet. It is always a good practice to have your dog “earn” their treat by performing some trick or exhibiting some desirable behavior.

  1. Watch the calories! Vary the type of bone or chew fed from day to day to provide variety and avoid over-treating.
  2. Not every dog can have bones! Perhaps your dog is an aggressive chewer who will attempt to reduce every bone to splinters. If so, find other treats that are less likely to cause a health problem.
  3. Size matters! Pick the right size bone or chew for the size and chewing habit of your dog. A small marrow bone might be right for a small or slow chewer, while a larger knuckle bone may be better for a large or aggressive chewer.
  4. Fresh bones only! Never feed a cooked bone. This is especially important for cooked poultry bones which can easily splinter when chewed.
  5. Supervise! Be sure to monitor pets when they are eating a bone or chew. Be ready to issue a “Leave it” command in case you need to make a quick retrieval.
  6. Time to train! When it’s time to train your dog, consider a product like Bravo Training Treats which are perfectly sized for repeated treating. Or Bravo Bonus Bites, which can be broken into bite-sized morsels. Avoid using treats that are high in calories or feel greasy in your hand.