Pet parents say bravo to Bravo

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Switching dog food made my dog a star
Submitted By: Chad C, Kuna, ID
   WOW, what a difference in this dog in just a couple of weeks!

 I absolutely LOVE your product, and products!!! A new dog and cat food store opened in my area selling your product and I immediately switched my Pomeranian puppy Millie to your Chicken Raw Diet (chub). WOW, what a difference in this dog in just a couple of weeks! His coat shines, he has tons of energy, and he looks magnificent. I am planning to show him in conformation classes! (and BIG thanks to your company for producing such a magnificent high quality product). It's refreshing - DON'T CHANGE A THING. Keep up the great work, and can't wait to try all your other products as well. BIG FAN!!!! XOXOXOX

 My Siamese mix Koko was sick and we found out he was diabetic. We got him on everything the vet told us to put him on. And about a week or two later his diabetes reversed, which the vet said might happen and it did. He's still on a special diet and he couldn't eat the treats we had. He needed a 100% meat treat so we tried Healthy Bites Chicken Breast Treats and Healthy Medley Mariner’s Medley Treats and he loves them! I'm so happy I found them! Thank you so much for your work. I'm glad my cat Koko can have treats again – I'm going to buy Bravo cat treats from now on :)

Emily is the first to go raw! Roar!
Submitted By: Sandra F
   Emily, a tuxedo domestic shorthair, is my eldest cat...

Emily, a tuxedo domestic shorthair, is my eldest cat. I first learned of no-grain nutrition after another cat was diagnosed with diabetes due to steroid injections. I was feeding them high-end cat food but it wasn't necessarily totally grain free. I read more and more about species appropriate diets through the FDMB (Feline Diabetes Message Board) and switched my cats to grain free diet (wet & dry). Then I decided I needed to take it a step further, starting with the Bravo Variety Pack. Emily, who was 14 at the time, was the first cat to eat raw Bravo Turkey, and the rest of the family followed suit. Their favorite is Rabbit. Emily is now 19 and has some kidney issues. When vets tried to get me to buy "specialized dietary" food I read the ingredients, and said thanks but no thanks. Despite her illness and many of her teeth removed, she can still chow down on Rabbit and I feel better knowing she is getting species appropriate diet. Nothing is better than what Nature offers. 5 cats and 1 dog, they all eat Bravo Raw. Thanks Bravo!

Vet recommends Bravo
Submitted By: Al G, Boca Raton , FL
   Our two year-old Maltese developed an allergy which made her itch...

Our two year-old Maltese developed an allergy which made her itch, at times badly. Dr. Kera Sinclair of Calusa Veterinary Center supervised the food allergy screen in order to identify to identify the origin of Lacie's allergy. Bravo's Venison Liver came through with flying colors. We now, liberally, use the dry roasted as treats and even as a supplement at times. 

Want a healthy, breed specific meal for your Turtle?
Submitted By: Julie B, Orchard Park, NY
   I rescued a 1" red ear slider turtle named Prodigy...

I rescued a 1" red ear slider turtle named Prodigy. Long story, but I searched and studied the best diet for turtles. I was unable to find satisfactory diets consistent with what a turtle would eat in the " wild." Being a Bravo product retailer, one day it came to me to try Bravo Mariner’s Medley. It has been amazing for Prodigy. She is healthy, happy! Every day Prodigy swims the tank with excitement when she sees the Bravo product come out! Customers enjoy her and her apparent happiness with meal time! Look close at the picture – her eyes are on the goods!

The money pit
Submitted By: Julie B, Orchard Park, NY
   We rescued our Pit Bull “Macy” about a year ago...

We rescued our Pit Bull “Macy” about a year ago. From the start, she was a complete “hot mess!” She scratched herself raw... eyes, ears, snout, feet you name it! She’d drawn blood from anywhere she could reach with her feet or teeth.

We tried grain free feeds, steroids, medicated shampoos, antibiotics, vinegar baths and OTC antihistamines. She even required surgery to “quilt” her ear... a supposed solution for the hematoma that had formed from her incessant scratching.  After spending sleepless nights listening to her scratch and several hundred dollars on treatments for our “Money Pit,” we decided to go raw after doing our own research.  The improvement was almost immediate! We fed Macy Bravo Balance, their complete and balanced formula exclusively.  Her coat is gorgeous... she has normal, healthy bowel habits. She is happy, comfortable and playful.

The vet says she will always have sensitive skin due to her breed (blue pit), but weekly baths and Bravo have changed everything for this wonderful dog.